Previous IVF Patients: Donate Excess Embryos

Thinking about what to do with your left over embryos remaining in storage is often times an emotional and overwhelming process. For many couples embryo destruction just isn’t an option. What if you could help someone who is currently navigating the painful journey of infertility just like you did not too long ago? Moreover, what if you could hand pick that special couple or individual to donate your embryos to?


Benefits of donating embryos

  • No more storage fees once the process is complete

  • Eliminating the stress of having to make a decision on the disposition of your embryos

  • Having input on the family selection process

  • Giving your remaining embryos a chance at life

  • Knowing you have greatly fulfilled the life of other infertile parent/s.

Intended Parents: Adopt* Embryos

Total Costs: $5,720.00 - $10,130.00

Embryos: Number Varies - average 2-6

Time Frame: 1-2 months

Most embryo donation programs are anonymous. This means you do not get to know who will receive your embryos. When working with An Angel’s Gift you can view profiles and photos of various couples or individuals and handpick who will become the recipient/s of your embryos. After you have chosen the family to donate your embryos to, the level of anonymity and contact can be negotiated. The relationship with the recipient couple can include maintaining anonymity with no future contact, remaining anonymous while leaving the door open for contact sometime down the road through a third party, or becoming known to one another. We leave this decision in the hands of the donor and recipient couples per their comfort level.

*Adoption is a term generally used in conjunction with the concept of adoption of a born person. Embryos are legally considered quasi property with special rights and therefore any reference to adoption is merely meant to convey a concept and is not intended to be a legal definition. 

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