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Embryo Donor Information


How does it work?  Most embryo donation programs are anonymous. This means you do not get to know who will receive your embryos. When working with An Angel’s Gift you can view profiles and photos of various couples or individuals and handpick who will become the recipient/s of your embryos. After you have chosen the family to donate your embryos to, the level of anonymity and contact can be negotiated. The relationship with the recipient couple can include maintaining anonymity with no future contact, remaining anonymous while leaving the door open for contact sometime down the road through a third party, or becoming known to one another. We leave this decision in the hands of the donor and recipient couples per their comfort level.


Who can receive embryos through AAG?
AAG does not place restrictions on who can receive embryos through our organization relating to religion, relationship status, or sexual orientation. If you have a preference on any of these matters you get to choose the family that is he right fit for you!  


How much does it cost me?  Embryo Donors will never pay anything to donate their embryos. In many cases, donors can even receive reimbursement for up to one year of cryopreservation fees while the embryo donation is in process*. All fees for legal, agency facilitation, additional testing, and shipping are paid for by the recipient/s.

Can I receive any other reimbursements?  Your embryo donation is a gift. While the IVF treatments utilized to create these embryos was very expensive to you, you cannot be paid for your embryos. However, knowing that you are giving such a selfless, life changing gift to couples who may have no other option is often more rewarding and fulfilling than any financial compensation.


How are recipients screened?  Chances are you did not have to undergo expensive and invasive home studies or background checks prior to pursuing your own IVF treatment so it is only fair to treat embryo recipients the same. However, we do offer background checks of recipients if specifically requested by donors. We only ask that donors remember their own IVF journey. Like you, those who would go to such great financial and emotional lengths to have a baby do so with great effort, investment, and consideration.

How much effort and time will I have to invest?  After choosing someone to donate your embryos to, the requirements on your end will be minimal. We will need you to sign a medical release so we can request the embryology reports and donor records. In some cases, additional blood tests of one or both gamete contributors may be necessary if FDA screening was not done at the time of the creation of the embryos. Finally, you will have to sign a contract with the recipients to transfer ownership of the embryos which will involve some discussion with an attorney**. We will refer attorneys to you and their legal fees are paid for by the recipients. We will handle all of the facilitation and guide you every step of the way. 

Legal: If you used a gamete donor/s (egg and/or sperm) in the creation of your embryos, dispositional limitations of excess embryos may apply. Before we can move forward we will need a copy of the agreements signed between you and your gamete donor/s. 

Other benefits to donating embryos

  • ·        No more storage fees once the process is complete

  • ·        Eliminating the stress of having to make a decision on the disposition of your embryos

  • ·        Having input on the family selection process

  • ·        Giving your remaining embryos a chance at life

  • ·        Knowing you have greatly fulfilled the life of other infertile parent/s 


*Reimbursements are paid after the embryo donation contract has been signed and finalized by all parties.

**Embryo donation is often referred to as ‘embryo adoption’, however, IVF treatment is different from adoption of a born person in many ways. Specifically, embryo recipients do not ‘adopt’ embryos in the legal sense of the term since embryos are considered quasi property. The contractual definition and rights of embryos may vary depending on the individual state

Showing impact through a letter of thanks...

"Words cannot possibly describe the love and joy we have been given. You two had the potential to change someone's live for the better and we are beyond grateful that you chose to help us by giving us a chance at having a family. We are honored to be able to give life to your precious embryos and become their parents. Making a baby is a miracle in and of itself' however we believe that our child's birth story is exceptionally special because of the love and hope of two couples coming together to create a new life."

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