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Embryo Recipient Information


How does it work?  Usually, embryo donors select a family they would like to receive their embryos first and the recipient family is given the option to accept or reject the recommended embryos. However, embryo recipients can also inquire of embryo donors and we are happy to reach out to them too. Embryo donor profiles are listed on our website.


Who can receive embryos through AAG?
AAG does not place restrictions on who can receive embryos through our organization relating to religion, relationship status, or sexual orientation. 

Will we meet with the embryo donors?  Most embryo donation programs are anonymous. When working with An Angel’s Gift the level of anonymity and contact can be negotiated. Commonly, most recipients prefer anonymity while donors prefer some level of contact now or in the future. The relationship with the donating couple can include maintaining anonymity with no future contact, remaining anonymous while leaving the door open for contact sometime down the road through a third party, or becoming known to one another. We leave this decision in the hands of the donor and recipient couples per their comfort level and can help guide you along the way.

How much does it cost me?  Fees range from: $5,720.00 - $10,127.95. Our fees are ala-carte so recipients do not pay for what they don’t use. We do not adhere to a one price for all program fee mentality. It is important to remember that these fees are earned in increments when certain milestones happen. If for any reason you do not gain legal custody of the embryos only a portion of these fees would be used depending on where you were in the process at the time.

These fees include: 

  • Agency Cycle Management Fee  

  • Escrow Management Fee 

  • Embryo Donor Psych 

  • Embryo Recipient Background Check 

  • Embryo Recipient Legal Counsel 

  • Embryo Donor Legal Counsel 

  • Genetic Counseling (when required) 

  • Additional Infectious Disease Screening (When needed) 

  • Cryopreservation Fee reimbursements to donors (When requested) 

  • Embryo Shipping Fees (If needed)

  • Donor Sibling Registry (Optional)

  • Miscellaneous Expense Deposit 


These fees DO NOT include:

  • Embryo Recipient IVF Clinic Fees   

  • Embryo Recipient Medication 

  • IVF Cycle Accident Insurance 


Showing impact through a letter of thanks...

"Words cannot possibly describe the love and joy we have been given. You two had the potential to change someone's live for the better and we are beyond grateful that you chose to help us by giving us a chance at having a family. We are honored to be able to give life to your precious embryos and become their parents. Making a baby is a miracle in and of itself' however we believe that our child's birth story is exceptionally special because of the love and hope of two couples coming together to create a new life."

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