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Fresh Donor Egg Cycle

Average costs:  $13,475.00 - $26,501.00

Average egg yield: 18 mature

Time frame: 3-6 months


Pros: A fresh egg donation cycle allows you to find a closer match to the recipients own (or desired) characteristics as there is a larger database to choose from. Recipients can usually anticipate more eggs from a fresh egg donation cycle which increases the likelihood of having more high quality embryos. The average egg yield from a fresh cycle is 18, but some donors have produced as much as 30 – 40+ mature eggs.

A fresh egg donor cycle may also be more ideal for recipients who plan to have more than one fully genetically related child.

Cons: While rare, egg donors could fail screening and recipients would have to choose a new donor causing them to lose both time, and the money spent on medical screening up until that point. Failed screening typically happens in the beginning stages of the cycle to minimize time and financial loss. Costs are variable and depend on the donor and donor location, however, recipients will know the anticipated costs upfront prior to committing to a particular donor. Contact us for a quote specific to the donor/s you are interested in.

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