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Total Cost: $15,500.00

Egg yield: 6 per lot

Time frame: 2-4 weeks



Pros: Cost is set and not variable.  Guarantee of 6 mature eggs. Faster option for recipients who do not want to wait for a fresh egg donor cycle. No failed screening for egg donors as screening has already been done. 


Cons: Smaller database to choose from when selecting specific characteristics. Less ideal for recipients who wish to have more than one genetically related child but does not preclude this as a possibility depending on how many quality embryos are created, or if parents purchase more than one lot from the same donor. 

Frozen Egg Bank

Baby's Grasp
Frozen Egg Bank

Status: Cycle Complete

# Eggs originally banked: 17

Number of eggs currently available: 3

Notes: Only 3 eggs left for this donor. Discounts apply for mixed donor lots.

Annotation 2020-08-31 112848.png
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