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Meet Our Team...

Jennifer Nelson, Program Director



Jennifer graduated Salutatorian from a Christian high school then furthered her education in the field of Paralegal studies and received an Associates of Applied Science degree, graduating Magna Cum Laude. After Graduation Jennifer established a career in the Insurance field where she became one of the youngest Underwriting Associates in her division. Today, she is a devoted wife to her husband and loving mother to her son and daughter. Jennifer is also a multiple time egg donor and has an empathetic heart for couples struggling with infertility, demonstrated by one altruistic donation and her above-and beyond approach to help parents realize their dreams of having a baby.


Tisha Adams, LPN, Case Manager


Tisha is a licensed nurse. She worked in third party reproduction at a top IVF facility in Colorado for nine years before she became an Agency Case manager in 2012.

Tisha also struggled with her own infertility journey for ten years and adopted her daughter in 2005, complimenting AAGs services as chief support to recipient parents. Tisha’s collective medical experience and compassion has proven fundamental to a positive journey for both donors and recipient parents.


Dara Ahrens, Intake Coordinator 


Daras collective professional experience includes information specialist for an information technology company, technical support and account associate for a leading Insurance company, and college tutoring.  

She brings a qualified and personable work ethic to the team educating donors on the process of egg donation and matching recipients with donor candidates. 



John Adams,

Director of Finance


John has worked in finance for over 20 years and has primarily held operations and leadership roles.  In addition to a bachelor’s degree in accounting, John completed business analytics certificate with Harvard School of Business Online in January of 2020.

Along with his wife Tisha, John struggled with infertility for ten years before adopting his daughter in 2005.  John works to advance the accounting and finance functions to support Angel’s Gift.

Ellen Trachman, Esq 

  • Assisted Reproduction

  • Technology/Fertility Law

  • Intended Parent Representation

  • Egg/Sperm Donor Representation

  • Surrogacy/Gestational Carrier Representation

  • Embryo Donation and Adoption

  • Adoption Law

  • Step-Parent Adoption

  • Kinship Adoption

  • Birth Mother Representation

  • Estate Planning


Your team of trusted experts

An Angel’s Gift, Inc. works with qualified experts of the legal and psychological field to form a team dedicated to meeting best practices when facilitating your egg donor cycle.


Our team of third party service providers specialize in part or in whole in the field of third party reproductive matters respective to their area of practice.


If you are not a resident of Colorado AAG may refer you to legal counsel practicing law in your state of residence (donor and recipients) or in your surrogates state of residence (recipients using a surrogate) to ensure all state laws pertaining to assisted reproductive technologies are satisfied.

Seth Grob, Esq 

  • Adoption Law

  • Assisted Reproduction/Infertility

  • Child Welfare

  • Toddler Adoptions

  • Designated Adoptions

  • Interstate Adoptions

  • Stepparent Adoptions

  • Relative Adoptions

  • Foster-Parent Adoptions

  • International Adoptions

  • Adoption Subsidies

  • Same Sex Adoptions

  • Second Parent Adoptions

  • Family Law

John Husson, Esq 

  • Adoption Law

  • Assisted Reproduction Law (Infertility Law)

  • Child Custody & Parenting Time

  • Civil Protection Orders

  • Divorce & Post Divorce

  • Estate Planning

  • General Family Law

  • Guardianship and Conservatorship

Alison Wilson, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist 


  • Grief and Loss
  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Senior Care

  • Medical Conditions

  • Infertility

  • High risk pregnancy

  • Miscarriage and Pregnancy Loss

  • Post-partum Mood Disorders

  • Menopause Adjustment

  • Stage of life transitions

Barbara Hyatt, MSW, LCSW 


Barbara is a licensed clinical social worker who has counseled in the infertility field for the past twenty-two years. She is the social worker for a large infertility practice and also maintains a private practice. Ms. Hyatt holds an M.S.W. in clinical social work and is a licensed therapist in Colorado . She has provided workshops, training and consultation to many hospital, physician and medical organizations, and is a contributing member of several infertility organizations, including the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

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