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"We have talked to many professionals in this business and you have been by far the most helpful, the most professional, and the most outstanding and we cannot thank you enough!" - International Intended Parents

Tisha, I want thank you for being such an amazing case worker!!!! I am so grateful you were assigned to me! You have been kind and compassionate throughout this process (especially when I had to pick a new donor) and it's really meant so much to me. You answered my calls, emails and text's quickly and answered my many questions patiently and compassionately! I was also so happy to find out you were a nurse in this field of endocrinology. It was so helpful!! It was so very kind of you to travel to Cleveland when [our donors] companion couldn't. I was nervous that the retrieval would have to be postponed but you jumped right in and kept the ball rolling:). I received that beautiful message from [our donor] and I don't think that would have happened had you not been there with her.

Thank you for putting your life on hold and leaving your family to come and help!!! It was so very kind of you. I do know that you worked very hard for me and I am so grateful, I appreciate you trying to keep the cost down as best you could and wherever you could! [our donor] isn't the only Angel, you are too!!! Thank you so much for all your hard work! - Egg Recipients, OH

"It has been such a great experience working with you; you are by far, one of the BEST agencies in this industry. Please keep up the great work!" - IVF Nurse in NJ

"BTW, *** and I spoke today and couldn't help but rave about you!!!!!! As a hospital administratory type, former patient advocate... and a patient myself... I think you're fab-u-lous!" - Intended Parents in MD

Thank you Tisha, I have felt supported and encouraged by Angel’s gift throughout this whole process and would recommend you guys to anyone needing your help. Thank you so much for helping making our dreams of having a family a possibility! - Egg Recipients, CO

To Jennifer, Tisha, and Angels Gift team:  your professionalism in assisting us during this difficult time far exceeded anything we could have hoped.  These were not normal circumstances for us or you, and you went above and beyond the call of duty with us in working with [our clinic], as well as quickly responding and answering the seemingly endless questions that came up on a daily basis.  And then to consider us for this gift and present it to us is simply overwhelming.  We will absolutely take your advice and use it as a night out and enjoy a break from the stress and pressure this process brings.  You all really are angels looking out for those who share the struggles we have.  From the bottom of our hearts, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!! - Egg Recipients, OH

Other testimonials

Thank you Tisha, I have felt supported and encouraged by Angel’s gift throughout this whole process and would recommend you guys to anyone needing your help. Thank you so much for helping making our dreams of having a family a possibility! - Egg Recipients, CO

"Hi Jennifer, I hope this finds you well! Wanted to share the amazing news that *** & I became dads on *** to ***. I’m attaching a couple photos. We could not be more thrilled or in awe that he is finally here! Thank you so much for all your help during this journey- you were always a pleasure to work with - even in our darkest periods. And please pass on our unending gratitude to [Our Donor] as well." - Egg Donor Recipients, OH

"Hello Jennifer, I hope you’re well. I wanted to let you know that my little baby girl was born July *** at 5 lbs 11 oz. she is absolutely perfect and my little miracle. I am incredibly happy! Thank you for all your help in helping my daughter and I find our way to each other!" - Embryo Recipients, NY

"Oh wow thanks for letting us know that the procedure went well, [our Donor is] feeling ok, and they were able to retrieve 37 eggs!! We are obviously very nervous, but also very hopeful and excited as well! Please tell [our donor] thanks again.  I know how horrible all of those medications make you feel, and we are just so grateful that she’s giving us an opportunity to start a family.  Tell her she looks great! And we also want to thank you Tisha.  You’ve been amazing throughout this whole process.  We couldn’t have gotten through this without all of your guidance and support.  It’s a bummer that [Our Donors] fiancé couldn’t come out, but that’s amazing you are going to stay with her after your procedure.  We have nothing but amazing things to say about An Angel’s Gift, and really that’s all because of you.  Is there a section to provide feedback on you?  We would love to give you a glowing review!" - Egg Recipients, CO

"Hi Jennifer, I'M SUPER EXCITED to let you know that we are pregnant!!!!!! We won’t find out for a few more weeks if we have twins or not, but I’ll definitely keep you updated. Thank you for all of your thoughts and positive energy!! Lots of hugs!!"- Embryo Recipients, CA

"I wanted to reach out to you to let you know that we're expecting! We couldn't have done it without you and I expect we'll be repeat clients one day :)" - Embryo Recipients, CO

"Our IVF nurse said you've been a dream to work with, thanks for always being so responsive and helpful!!!" - Egg Recipients, OH

"Tisha and Jennifer, You guys have a been a great support all along, dealing with so many different aspects in this process, so a huge Thank you to you both. I am so glad [my husband] did his research well and found you guys so. Big Thank you to you both."  - Egg Recipients, CA

"I am so grateful for your organization and the donor’s willingness to do a second round with our family, it’s difficult to tell you we are unable to proceed.  Oddly, I’m the happiest when pregnant.  I will always cherish you and what you have given me and the amazing work you do to help so many.  You are truly an angel, and one who has touched my heart deeply.  Keep up the amazing work you are doing.  Much love always," - Egg Recipients, CO

Jennifer, Thank you so much for the conversation last week. It really helped me with my decision and I feel a lot more comfortable with the concept of a donor egg. I have my appointment with my doctor on Tuesday and I'm going to let him know that I definitely want to move forward. I have one more cycle and fingers crosses for a miracle. I will keep you posted either way. Thank you again, it is the kindness of people like you that make our world smile.  - Egg Recipient, NJ

The 2 donors I have represented from your agency were so impressive. Do you ever work with IPs from MA?? I would love to pass along your info to IPs who ask me for recommendations - ART Legal professional, MA


"This world needs more places with your values." - Egg Recipients, CO

"I didn't have time to tell you last night, thanks so much for finding the lawyer for us, and for bargaining down the price! It seems that you go way beyond the call of duty, and we truly appreciate all your hard work on our behalf! Thanks again. I've never seen someone more on the ball than you, so glad we chose your agency. We really enjoy your funny emails!" - Intended Parents in DE

"It was lovely talking to you today, I am feeling so reassured and once again safe in this whole process. You are providing such a beautiful service helping couples like us, I just do not know how to begin to thank you for holding our hands on the road to a little one." - Intended Parents in NJ

"I also just wanted to say thank you to you. You have been very professional, timely, and above all to us you have also been very compassionate and helpful. Thank you so much for all of you have done for us so far, we look forward to working with you through this journey!" - Intended Parents in NE

"Wow - you are so on top of things! Thank you!!!!." - Egg Donor in WA

"Thank you for always being there for me! You're great!" - Egg Donor in GA


"Thank you for all of your help, you were great to work with." - Egg Donor in NE

"I appreciate your support. Of all the people that have helped me along the way with this process I have felt the most support and connection from you. Thank you. Future couples are very lucky to have individuals like you to support them at such a stressful time." - Intended Parents in NE

"Thank you for all you did to help us get [our donor]. The time is coming near for everything and I couldn't be more excited. We pray that it takes the first time and we can welcome a new bundle of joy into the world soon. You have been wonderful in all your efforts to help us. Its been a long road to get here." - Intended Parents in CO

"Jennifer, Good news to give you this Friday. *** & *** are pregnant! Thanks for all the good work." - IVF Nurse in CO


"Jennifer... you're a goddess. Thanks for taking care of me!" - Egg Donor in MT

"This was even more rewarding than I expected. I would like to donate again, I loved working with you :) I referred my friends and told them if they decide to donate to contact you as well. Thanks for everything :)" - Egg Donor in CO

"Thank you for all of your help for our clients who are interested in your donor. We all love working with you. It is always a treat to find someone who has such a good heart and has the kind of integrity that we also strive for. Thanks for all that you do and keep up the good work" - ART Professional in CA

"If you decide to go with an agency (I spent about 4 weeks researching agencies, calling IVF clinics, etc.) the one that I found to be the most reputable, professional, and individualized was An Angel's Gift, her name is Jennifer Nelson and she is out of Colorado however works with individuals across the world with egg donation. She was the agency I worked with when I donated my first time and I (as well as the IP) had an awesome experience, she is VERY personable and works very hard to make it a good experience for everyone. She is concerned with the process and wants it to be positive for IP and Donors" - Egg Donor in NE

"Hi Jennifer, I hope this email finds you doing well. Well, we finally got the news! We have more than one bean!!!!!!! This past week I had an ultrasound and we have 2 little beans. I saw their heartbeats! How amazing to know that something so beautiful is growing inside of you! I just wanted to give you the news and I hope all is well on your end. I will keep in touch. Thank you!!!!!!!" - Intended Parents in NJ

"This is not an easy road we are taking but I felt you made me feel so at ease that it was finally possible! Jennifer, you are such a special person... you came into our lives and for a brief time, you touched our hearts! Thank you. I know future potential parents will be blessed to have you guide them through this tumultuous road." - Intended Parents in NJ

"You have been really wonderful to work with! I'm going to make sure all my patients have your agencies information! =)" - IVF Nurse in NJ

"I've also been meaning to tell you to please, please use us as a reference if any perspective clients want to talk with others that have used your agency. We (especially me) just can't say enough about you. You've been such an anchor for me throughout this whole experience and I'm so very grateful!" - Intended Parents in CO

"All of us owe you a great deal of gratitude as without your energy, believe, encouragement, support, incredible patience and professionalism we might not get to the stage where we are today. *** and I feel to be blessed with your kind help and support and with **** being our donor. Thank you soooooo very much. You are a very special person!" - International Intended Parents

"We’ve worked with other agencies before, and my husband and I were talking about how detailed you are, how responsive you are, and how helpful you are. You stand out and we want to pat you on the back for that. This process is as stressful as it is so it’s nice to have people like you in our corner." - Intended Parents – NJ

"Jennifer and her entire staff were absolutely tremendous with helping us through our entire ordeal. Her compassion, empathy, and

almost daily updates were a true blessing for us - she is always reassuring and positive. We thank God we were connected with Jennifer - her morals and uncompromising ethics were the reason we chose An Angel's Gift and we couldn't be more blessed and are honored to have Jennifer as a personal friend. Thank you for helping us achieve our dream!" - Intended Parents - CO

"Hi Jennifer, I hope you are well and looking forward to having an undoubtedly well deserved Christmas break. Thank you so much for sending the refund. I am sorry I did not inform you of its arrival earlier. It's my neglect. The funds arrived and we are deeply grateful to you and to **** and her family for being so careful and thoughtful about the expenses. I was just speaking with **** today over Skype as we are in different countries at the moment for logistical reasons. We were talking about you and both of us are in total agreement that if it hadn't been for you we doubt very much we would have been able to have arrived this far along our dream of having children. The fact that **** is now 12 weeks pregnant is partly down to you. Your tireless dedication to our cause, your endless patience, your generosity of spirit and your wholehearted kindness and sympathy were a Godsend to us. We quite simply couldn't have achieved as much as we have so far without you. So we are deeply grateful to you. Words fail to describe the gratitude we feel towards you and the respect we have for your professionalism. You are a shining example of your profession and we are so lucky to have found you. Thank you from both of us for everything you did to give us this hope, the most important dream if our lives to have a family together. We will always always think very fondly of you." - International Intended Parents

"Thanks so much for ALL your help in all this. You have been wonderful in coordinating everything and keeping me posted every step of the way!" - Intended Parents, TX

"I appreciate you so much, more than I know how to express in an email. You've played an important part in my journey and I am so grateful for your humor, honesty, and sensitivity during this process. I will certainly keep you in the loop. I'll spread the word on how fantastic you've been through all of this." - Intended Parent, CO

"Thanks, Jennifer. While not surprised, I do feel compelled to mention how impressed I am with your efficiency and organization. Really appreciate how wonderful you are!!!" - ARTA Lawyer, NY

"Hi Jennifer. I have good news, *** told me this morning that I am pregnant. Thank you for everything." - Intended Parent, CO

"I'm so glad to know that [my donor] feels appreciated. I certainly do appreciate her. She's amazing. What a gift. I appreciate you, too, Jennifer. Your kindness and dedication have been instrumental. I don't know if I'll have a baby, but I know that someone will! Sincere thanks to you, too. What a blessing you have been to me." - Intended Parent, CO

"I wanted to thank you for your wonderful response and being so helpful and available, etc. You are the nicest person I have met in my journey and I can't tell you how important it is to have a personality like yours in this industry." - Intended Parents, CA

"I am a donor who has worked with another large well-known egg-donation agency and working with Jennifer at Angel's Gift was so much easier! Jennifer was prompt, professional and the process moved fluidly. I felt very taken care of and supported. I would highly recommend Angel's Gift for donors AND intended parents as Jennifer is very passionate about helping all of us." - Egg Donor, CO


"Thanks for all you do. It makes sense that you work for a company called Angel's gift. You've been amazing!!!" - Intended Parents, CO


"So grateful for you Jennifer and all the moving parts along the way that have made me and my husband parents this year. As I look back and think about the highs and lows and even the hiccups along the way, it's only made the victory that much sweeter! Thank you for all you do in changing the lives of intended parents."  - Intended Parents, TX

"Hi Jennifer, Yes, good news so far. *** is currently pregnant with twins. We have not been telling people yet because we wanted to get passed the 10 week ultrasound. I was planning on letting you know once that was done (which it is). We both want to thank you for all of your help and concern throughout this process, you made a difficult and complex process much easier. Again, thanks so much for your help, it was a pleasure partnering with you. Have a great Thanksgiving and holiday season!" - Intended Parents, CO

"I’m truly happy to be able to prove myself and have a successful cycle. I’m happy I got to finally meet you! You are so caring and compassionate and truly have a passion for your job and people! Thank you for everything!" - Egg Donor, CO


"We are so grateful to you Jenn, without you this wouldn't have happened and we don't take that lightly." - Intended Parents, HI

"Yesterday's donor (Ms. ***) returned a signed engagement letter to me in record time. I swear I had barely pressed send when I receive a signed version back. You have very impressive donors!" - ARTA Lawyer, CO

"Just a quick note to say thank you for being such an integral part of one of the hardest but best years of our lives. Looking forward to the blessing that awaits us in 2015. I hope this next year will be even half as amazing for you. Would love to finally meet you in person for a drink/coffee as a formal thank you as you have time in this next month or so. With many many sincere thanks, ***** *** (and ***, ***, and baby boy *** on his way)" - Intended Parent, CO

"Throughout the many years of navigating this field of infertility, and with all the people we have been in contact with throughout that journey, you have been our life raft. We don’t have trust in a lot of people in this field, save the trust we have found in you." - Intended Parent, CO

"Thank you so much Jennifer. We love cycling with your donors :)" - Third Party Professional, CA

"I just wanted to give you some good news! We just found out today we’re pregnant! AH thank you for everything you’ve done to make this happen. We haven’t ever met you in person but we love you already were just so, so blessed and happy and now this is just icing on the cake. It’s amazing. Thank you so much and we look forward to talking to you as things progress." - Intended Parent's, CO


"We are so excited to share with you (and our donor) that we found out yesterday that we’re pregnant! It looks as though our due date will be around the beginning of December (getting different dates by different calculators), and we will keep you posted as things move along. We are absolutely thrilled, and so grateful to you to have had you with us on this wild journey. Thank you so much for your help, guidance, and patience. Please let us know what else you need from us!" - Intended Parents, PA


"By the way, *** has had nothing but the highest praise for what your organization does and I am very excited to have to opportunity to partake. Thanks again!" - Donor referred by one AAGs experienced egg donors, CO

"Thank you so much again. I sent another couple your way recently (I couldn't tell you who. Someone from a moms message board I'm on.) and understand their donor is in medical screening phase now. If I could convince everyone to go to you, I would in a heartbeat." - Intended Parents, CO

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